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Here’s what you get when you join:


✅  A personalised growth roadmap for your business

We’ll kick off working together with a detailed discovery session, identify key growth areas for your business, and put in place a plan that you can execute


✅  Personalised Ecommerce Scorecard™ 

As part of our program you get access to our customised ecommerce scorecard so you can stay on top of the numbers.. what gets measured gets managed


✅  Access to expert coaches for 1-1 sessions

Work directly with us 1-1 or book in a ‘check-in’ call with a coach to help keep you on track and make sure you are growing month on month


✅  VIP Access to our private facebook coaching group

This is where the magic happens. In here we upload all the course content, where all the members hang out and discuss strategies, tips, tricks and how everyone is doing.


✅    Access to our workshops and intensive training events

We have a year long calendar of workshops and events that teach you how to grow, run and optimise your ecommerce business.


✅  Access to course content

You will get first dibs on every module that is released as soon as it is released. You can work on it straight away or in your own time. This will include course videos, workbooks, tools and any supporting content that will help you grow your business.


✅  Access to  other experts

They say your network is your net worth! We will give you direct access to some of the best ecommerce experts in the industry so you can hear about how to crush your online store, and what the latest trends and techniques are in ecommerce.


✅   Become part of a great community 

You will be able to work alongside others who are going through the same as you. Have the same goals, the came challenges and the same wins.


Elite Group Program

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Monthly Recurring (min 6 months)
I will take full responsibility for taking action within the program and agree the primary person responsible for my experience is ME. I will give value and share in discussions within the group. By sharing wins, asking questions, answering questions and supporting other members. I will maintain confidentiality within the program. I will be sure to ask for help when I need it, so that I can get results faster. I will not send unsolicited messages to other members members. I understand that Million Dollar Store team reserves the right to delete any posts that do not align with the moral of the group. I understand that violating the group rules may result in removal from the group. I know that Million Dollar Store team are on my side to help me win, and is available at I agree to committing to 6 months contract, after which you will be billed on a monthly basis until Million Dollar Store have received a written request to cancel your membership. I understand the Million Dollar Store program guarantee: If I don’t see growth, engagement or sales in the first 45 days, I can request a personal audit to spot any missed opportunities. If this doesn’t get me on track fast, I can then schedule a 1:1 session to troubleshoot and strategise. If I am still convinced that the group program is not for me, I can cancel within the 60 day period. I understand that cancellations of the membership require 15 days notice. Any payment I have coming up within 15 days of my cancellation request will be going through. Including my first month in the membership. Once I cancel my membership, I cannot rejoin for one whole year and I will lose access to all content, coaching and community.(Required)

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