Sean Hynes

Spacers | Store Owner

Brendan clearly knows his stuff in the eCommerce space, including at the top end, and was able to help us quickly navigate some difficulties with our Shopify store much faster than we have been able to ourselves. 

Alex Greenfield

Litrek | Store Owner

Working with Brendan has been a fantastic advantage to our business. Brendan brings a seniority that's rare to find along with a proven track record of delivery in his field. If you're looking for an ecommerce pro, Brendan is your guy.

Luke Vucinic

Vush | Store Owner

Brendan is an absolute gun. He is reliable, fast and educated in the digital space. Proven record of working on 7+ figure businesses. Would highly recommend. 


Paccabag | Store Owner

A quick shout out - I'm doing Brendan Gillen's E-com Bootcamp course and I'm loving it. Learning so much and I'm only half way through. I'm a new (one year old) business and I wanted make sure all my platforms were correctly optimised for ads & sales.

Over 10X Growth on a Supplement Store

We scaled from $9 – $10k per month to $120 – $130k per month in less than a year in a highly competitive industry.

Matt, 5th Element Wellness

Gave me resources I didn't know I needed

Brendan showed me all the things I didn’t know and really how to understand how to make a business scale profitably.

Kianna, Kianna Magelaki Designs

Already paid for itself​

Increased conversions and increased traffic and I have the skills now to understand the numbers that make my business scale

Josh, You Knead Sourdough

An absolute wealth of knowledge

Having a one stop shop where we can get any questions answered around ecommerce, business, financing the way huge brands run.

Nathan, Jumply